Clean water and swimmable rivers

We believe clean freshwater is vital to thriving Canterbury communities and wish to see Canterbury as a leader in sustainable land use
  • We want swimmable rivers and to reverse the decline in water quality
  • We will work with the City Council to research and seek solutions to diminished ground water levels in the Christchurch City

Boosting compliance and monitoring

We believe in a level playing field for landowners. Those who are working towards sustainable farming practices should be encouraged. Those who are flouting the rules and damaging the environment should face consequences.
  • We will audit our present monitoring and compliance systems to ensure they are fair and robust.
  • We will take firmer and more rapid enforcement action on non-compliance
  • We want to reward sustainable farming and business practices that demonstrate exceptional environmental care and facilitate the sharing of this knowledge.

Protecting and restoring native species and habitat

Biological diversity and ecosystem health are vital to our wellbeing
  • We undertake to vigorously retain and protect what we have, restore what is lost and arrest further decline
  • We seek a comprehensive assessment of regional externalities (including the cost of environmental repair and restoration) to inform regional reporting and decision making

A wifi enabled low carbon transport system

We will work collaboratively with all stakeholders to establish a single entity to Oversee Traffic Planning and management in Canterbury that would
  • Achieve a world-class, low carbon public transport system (including revisiting rail options) that more people have access to and want to use
  • Wifi on public transport to increase uptake and productivity for passengers

Building resilience to climate change and improving air quality

We will build our resilience to climate disruption that will impact the livelihoods and wellbeing of Cantabrians
  • We propose the establishment of a Climate Change Unit comprising senior managers from across the organisation to identify risks and put in place processes to deal with climate change and related emergencies such as pests, floods, droughts, wind and storms
  • Improve air quality through robust monitoring and reporting and incentives to reduce harmful emissions

Exercising kaitiakitanga and achieving genuine wellbeing

We will focus on achieving genuine wellbeing for all Cantabrians where intergenerational stewardship is at the core of our communities
  • We will continue to work in partnership with Ngai Tahu to enhance the mauri of our environment and ensure that the post-2019 ECan governance structure embodies the Treaty of Waitangi partnership
  • We will strengthen ECan’s educational programmes that enhance citizen's understanding of healthy ecosystems and how they contribute to our wellbeing

Returning to a fully democratic ECan

We believe full democracy is fundamental to ensuring Cantabrians desires are represented and realised

  • We support a return to a democratically elected regional council, at the earliest opportunity, and are committed to working in an open, transparent and accessible manner
  • We support the work of the zone committees in working to improve environmental outcomes