Press Report: From hippy traveller to ECan boss

A recent feature in the Christchurch Press:

Steve Lowndes is a former artist, pub landlord and museum director – and was a self-confessed hippy. DOMINIC HARRIS finds out how the new chairman of Environment Canterbury will protect the region for future generations.

Steve Lowndes doesn't want to drop the ball.

The new chairman of Environment Canterbury (ECan) has little under two years before the next elections at the regional council and he wants to make sure things don't go wrong on his watch.

"Planning is never finished, but I would like to hand over a suite of plans that have rigorously identified the needs in each of the zones. The ball, for me, has to be environmental success."

If that sounds a little bit like gobbledygook, to an extent it is. But in fairness to Lowndes it is exactly what he should be doing – identifying the key issues facing the region, developing plans to tackle them and ensuring that whoever comes after him has the tools to keep the environment front and centre.

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