The Peoples Choice

The Peoples Choice


Steve Lowndes
I undertake to continue to work towards a sustainable future where farming activity works in concert with the environment and does not degrade it through inadequate monitoring and enforcement. I have been closely involved with the Canterbury Water Management Strategy for the last five years at a local and regional level.

Public transport in Christchurch fails to attract new patrons. I undertake to seek ways to provide a low carbon, wifi enabled, public transport system, bus and rail, that reflects people’s needs.

Climate change will be a major focus for the new Council. We are already dealing with the consequences of a warming planet and policies and strategies are needed now. I undertake to keep climate change front and centre of future thinking. Experience in local government and other environmental agencies provides the context for me to make a positive contribution to Environment Canterbury’s transition to full democracy in 2019.

Cynthia Roberts

Dr Cynthia Roberts
I bring to the role knowledge and leadership qualities gained as an ecologist working for the Department of Conservation, a businessperson (running an ecotourism adventure company), a teacher, a manager (Head of Department Special Programmes CPIT), a parent and a volunteer (e.g. Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust and Christchurch 360 Trail).

Using my ecology skills I’ll work for: clean water and swimmable rivers; boosting compliance and monitoring; protecting and restoring native species habitat; building resilience to climate change; exploring a wifi-enabled low carbon transport system and a return to full democracy for ECan.

I am committed to working collaboratively to address the complex environmental challenges created by urban and rural land use. As an ECan councillor I want to be part of building flourishing communities and finding smarter, sustainable solutions to problems of clean water, clean air and clean transport.

Lan Pham

Lan Pham
I’m a freshwater ecologist who believes putting the health of our people and planet above corporate greed will enable our society and economy to thrive. I direct a charitable organisation called Working Waters Trust. We work alongside communities across Canterbury, Otago and Southland to restore habitats of NZ’s most endangered freshwater fish.

Clean waterways and swimmable rivers aren't a 'nice to have’; they’re essential to healthy communities. We need greater enforcement on resource consent breaches and stronger policy to ensure our polluted waterways get cleaned up. This will help create a thriving, resilient Canterbury economy based on high value goods and services and a genuine clean green NZ brand.

I’m committed to policy that provides for the needs of future citizens, which means addressing climate change and investing in modern, world-class public transport. With your vote, I'll work to deliver an environmental legacy we can all be proud of.

The Peoples Choice

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